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Current Status

From February to April of 2018 the City of New Westminster led a broad community and stakeholder engagement process to check back in with the community. This phase of consultation has now concluded and results can be found in the HCMA Public Engagement Report – June2018

In 2016, the City of New Westminster engaged the community and stakeholders to provide preliminary direction and feedback on the ageing CGP and CCC facilities. This thorough process included numerous stakeholder workshops with a variety of user groups, public open houses, and an online survey. The ‘Your Active New West’ community and stakeholder consultation project helped raise awareness, determine priorities around functional programming, and establish a vision and guiding principles for the project.

HCMA Architecture + Design was commissioned to undertake a 2017 feasibility study (PDF – 4.7 MB), and make recommendations regarding the replacement of the ageing facilities (as part of the wider renewal of the site). The firm explored options for the spatial and functional programming of a new Aquatic and Community Centre, including its optimal location on the existing site.

Deciding on a proposed aquatic program can be a complex process – the ultimate decision is based on a number of factors such as demand, future needs and emerging trends, as well as a community’s identity and aspirations. As such, programmatic components were divided into three distinct groups to aid in the decision-making process and help determine a budget:

Base Program
Core spaces, which are included in almost all modern aquatic facilities (e.g., welcome centre, social gathering space, staff areas, changing rooms, hot pools, steam & sauna, leisure pool, and fitness centre).

Main Aquatic Tank
Based on demand capacity and programmatic needs, as well as the desired aquatic focus of the facility (e.g. competitive vs. recreational use). The feasibility study has identified the need for a 50m, eight-lane pool tank with a moveable floor and two moveable bulkheads. The pool depth would accommodate 1m and 3m springboards.

Optional Components
Additional spaces that meet community and fitness program priorities.

Proposed programming options were presented to the New Westminster City Council and staff along with a decision-making framework. They were asked to review and make their selections from each of the three groups of program components. These results – along with a demand analysis study, business case, in-person stakeholder interviews, and public engagement survey results – were used to determine the proposed building program and budget.

The study’s findings have reinforced the importance of these two facilities to local residents and stakeholders. They will be used to inform the next stages of planning for a new facility, and ensure its aquatic, fitness, and community spaces reflect the unique values, history and identity of New Westminster. The cost for the proposed new facility is anticipated to be in the order of $100M.