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Facility Options

Three concepts were developed for a new Aquatic and Community Centre to replace the existing Canada Games Pool (CGP) and Centennial Community Centre (CCC). A multitude of options was considered and tested as part of the 2017 Feasibility Study. Concept option #3 was determined to be the most suitable based on site constraints, budget, and programming requirements.

Concept Option 3 – Proposed Solution

The new Aquatic and Community Centre is an opportunity to provide a vibrant and welcoming building that reflects the identity of the New Westminster community. A unique architectural form will help to establish the facility as a destination building. Highly glazed external and internal facades will ensure visual connections between the street and the activities within the facility, in order to encourage engagement and participation.

This option locates the aquatic and fitness components on the south of the site, connecting the community-related program elements via a lobby/social space that runs east-west.

This option enhances east-west connections through the site by offering pedestrians a chance to travel through the building on their way through the site, connecting the building to the community.

The building aligns with the former location of the Glenbrook Ravine, providing an opportunity to reinstate a green north-south corridor through the site.

The shape of the lobby-social space allows it to connect the community and aquatic centres, and allow for community events and celebrations.

Entrance view

Concept illustration, subject to change.

Site Plan

For more information regarding the two alternative options that were considered, please consult the 2017 Feasibility Study (PDF – 4.7 MB).